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Dec 7, 2012 2:30pm PST
downtown this season. how are your lakers going to fare? >> they have been faring pretty well. it has been exciting to watch the team go out and play basketball, as opposed to being concerned about -- should i be in this corner? should i go over there? just play. it is a talented team. if the lakers take 100 shots and other teams take 100 shots, the lakers will win. the problem is when you do not have a free-flowing offense. you take one shot at the end of the shot clock, and you are dead. tavis: did the controversy through you? >> i was surprised phil's name came up. i thought he was gone, done. the surprise me if it was even brought up. it is hard to say what happens. you do not know what the inner workings of that is. we can only speculate as fans. for me, if you are going to reach out to fill, you have to reach out to hire him, not to taste him, to get a feeling. you cannot even say that is the way it went down. do we really know the truth of what goes down? i cannot say. they are, two great coaches. tony is a great coach. steve nash will be able to create, which is why he is here. the
Dec 25, 2012 2:30pm PST
are laker fans don't want to talk about them, so we ship them out of town 'cause they just don't step up consistently in the game, even though you know they're gifted and skilled and talented. it seems to me, when i watch these guys play, that they're good at what they do, but they don't have a burning desire to do it, so they don't become great at it. you admit you don't have a burning desire to act, but you're an academy award winner, you're a tony award winner. you're so good at what you do, so how do you put out that level of excellence without having a burning desire to even do it every day? does that make sense? >> it does, it does. i think you have to have you know, you have to have many boxes to be an actor or to be a sportsman even. you may be given the body, the physique, but have you got the temperament? are you a guy who will train every morning? are you a guy who will not go out and party the night before? are you a guy who is consistent, who can be relied upon? all those things you need. are you a team player? those things don't come as givens just because you've got the p
Dec 21, 2012 12:00am PST
to be seen whether law lakers will rise above partisanship or avert fiscal crisis. joining me al hunt and july yana goldman. we want to talk about the fiscal cliff. we want to talk about white house appointments. we want to talk about gun control and we want to talk about hearings on capitol hill involving benghazi. but i'm pleased to have my friend julianna goldman and al hunt. and al joins me this evening in recognizing that i didn't have a tie, so he joins me. so thank you, sir. >> i love the look, charles. you've been covering the fiscal cliff, where are we? >> it is a big question, it's what white house officials are asking. it's what people on capitol hill are asking. as you mentioned the house is going to be voting on this plan b, the alternate measure that john boehner has proposed. it's likely to pass the house but unlikely to pass the senate. so the white house has threatened that they're going to veto it regardless if it were to get to the president's desk. the big question is what happens there. and ultimately it still needs to come down to the president and speaker boehne
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)